Objects Without Meaning Pop-Up Opening Party

I had the pleasure to photograph the Objects Without Meaning pop-up opening party at Space 15 Twenty at the beginning of October! Check out some of the photos below. — Sara xx




Space 15 Twenty Zine Event Recap

Our event at Space 15 Twenty was a great success, we had an awesome group of zinesters and we had a lot of fun. We are truly grateful to be able to do this and getting such a great response from all of you.
This time around we had an almost whole new group of people, there were established people like Neverpress to newbies like Robert De Leon and a whole array of more awesome in between!
This was the first time that we were almost speechless to the work that people were exposing.

And all that was accompanied by great music from our friends Abeskees (and his whole crew) and Delofi. Thanks to everyone who tabled, DJed and visited, without all of you there would be no event!


Make sure to click on all of the photos!

Fall Zine Event!



We’re having an event next Sunday November 10th at Space 15 Twenty in Hollywood! Come by to celebrate fall, zines and DIY culture!

Check out the list below:

CULTIST  http://www.cultistzine.com/
COCINA HOUSE  http://ingandized.tumblr.com/
DUM DUM ZINE  http://dumdumzine.com/
SLEEPTALK  http://sleeptalk.storenvy.com/
NEVER PRESS  http://www.neverpress.com/
MRDR  http://www.mrdrenders.tumblr.com/
REFLEKT MAG  http://www.reflektmag.com/
SUEMI GUERRA  http://loveandplaster.tumblr.com/
EMMA SCHAVICK  http://emmashavick.com/
JESSE TISE/SPACE CAMP  http://spacecamplab.tumblr.com/
ROB DE LEON  http://instagram.com/youknowrob
ARIEL LEE  http://arielleeart.com/
MC SUNFLOWER JONES  http://www.mcsunflowerjones.com/
PILTDOWNLAD  http://www.kellydessaint.com/piltdownlad/
JACQUIE LI  http://jacqueline-li.tumblr.com

Hope to see you there!