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By Manfred Rehbinder, Lawrence Friedmann

The textual content matters itself with the scope of the strategies of "social lack of know-how" within the legislations, fairly in case legislations. "Social wisdom" refers to basic wisdom approximately that habit which society expects and calls for in numerous sort­ occasions, and with reactions and sanctions one needs to reckon with whilst behavior deviates from version habit. The low point of data of legislation, so visible in glossy society, isn't really essentially to be ascribed to the sheer quantity of criminal ideas and doctrines, yet quite to the multiplicity and impenetrability of marketplace habit, and the commercial powerlessness of the normal customer. the writer illustrates the matter with research of situations within the Bundesgericbtsbof on installment revenues, within which the court docket has tried to take "social lack of information" into consideration. the writer exhibits, by way of this case-law, that that "social ignorance", which are thoroughly sensible, in basic terms conjures up the eye of courts, whilst it reaches a value such that it impairs the party's realizing, and his self assurance that the court docket will rule based on his expectancies. Anmerkungen 1 Theo Mayer-Maly, Rechtskenntnis und Gesetzesflut, Salzburg 1969. 2 A. a. O. , S. eighty one f. und eighty five. three A. a. O. , S. eighty two. four S. Anm. 2. five Diese Definition umfaBt ihrem Wortlaut nach einen weiteren Sachverhalt aus dem Bereich der Kraftfahrzeugversicherung. 1m Zusammenhang mit der Frage namlich, ob der versicherte Kraftfahrer die ihn nach § 7 I Nr. 2 S.

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8. That is, between 1910 and 1967 the gap between the maximum and minimum number of notarial instruments per 1,000 inhabitants increased 425 per cent. This seems to indicate that in 1967 the differences between provinces are much more marked than in 1910 - a reflection of the uneven effect of economic growth on the various provinces. If we group the fifty provinces into our five socio-economic contexts (Table 7b) we can see those differences more clearly. The more industrialized the context, the larger the volume of notarial activity.

In any case it hardly seems debatable that cultural factors playa decisive role in determining the volume of litigation. Legal culture, of course, does not remain static; it evolves over time. For our purpose, however, we will treat it as stable in the short-run. b) Generally speaking-cultural factors aside - litigation is possible only when there exists a doubt which of two or more parties would prevail. Thus, litigation is conceivable only in cases of legal indeterminacy, which must be resolved by a third, neutral party, whose right to interpret the law authoritatively is recognized beforehand.

This is less than one-eighth the English rate, 34 which in itself warns us about the comparability of the data (12). 9 per 1,000. By 1970, though the population had grown to 18,226, only 147 cases were begun in Superior Court, that is, the rate had dropped to 8 per 1,000. The litigation rate, in short, rose proportionately until about 1930, and then began to decline. 5, rising to 11 per 1,000 to 1970, when the county had more than a million inhabitants. It would be important, too, to take a look at the kind of cases that these various courts decided.

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