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By Ellen Miles

Welcome to the dog Place--where each dog unearths a home!

The Petersons became specialists at fostering pups till they could locate them an ideal ceaselessly domestic. Charles brings domestic Ziggy, an cute short-haired black-and-tan dachshund, from an beaten proprietor at a neighborhood puppy exhibit. Ziggy is an energetic, curious little man, who likes to discover. but if Ziggy manages to dig a gap lower than the yard fence, his interest leads him into hassle. The Petersons have by no means misplaced a puppy that they have been fostering earlier than! How will they locate Ziggy? the place did he move?

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The man, his friendship rejected, 53 Waggit’s Tale lost interest and went off in the other direction. Only a day before, the young dog would have sniffed the offered hand, wagged his tail, and been eager to please this stranger, but now he remembered the angry men with their sticks and kept his distance. He was learning the difficult lessons of survival. The others were waiting for him when he got to the woods. From now on the journey was much safer, which was fortunate, because the loss of blood and the pain had drained Cal of his energy, and this last part was much more difficult for him than the others.

The ranger appeared not to have seen him yet. When he got to the tree line he kept to the far side so that it was between him and the ranger, who passed by without realizing the terror he was striking into the puppy’s heart. At the end of the tree line Waggit paused for a moment. There was no choice but to gather up the last remaining shreds of courage and go forward. The two nearly bumped into each other. The man looked at him, bent down, and held out his hand. ” he said. The man, his friendship rejected, 53 Waggit’s Tale lost interest and went off in the other direction.

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