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By Marilyn Singer

Contributor note: Illustrated by means of Kathleen Habbley

This colourful, younger read-aloud approximately all issues dogs is doggone enjoyable. Woof!

Sit. remain. Roll Over. yet, canines can achieve this even more than that! Sledding. laying off. analyzing. retaining. Paddling laps. Dancing? maybe! Be it a operating puppy or a enjoying puppy, man’s ally could be lovely darn busy. This full of life, rhyming textual content paired with shiny, playful illustrations is bound to get puppy enthusiasts in every single place wanting to educate their outdated canines a few new methods.

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Sitting there, waiting for me to begin, they don’t laugh and they don’t snigger. For me to suggest that they don’t already know everything there is to know about sex would be a mistake, so I begin by saying that I’m quite sure they know most of this stuff already but that there may be the odd bit of information that’s new and that it’ll therefore be worth listening. Reassured, they listen, not because I’m a famous disciplinarian or a particular authority on sex but because they’re desperate to pick up anything they don’t already know.

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