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By Peer Hartleben, Peer Heinlein

IMAP (the web Message entry Protocol) permits consumers to entry their e-mail on a distant server, no matter if from the workplace, a distant place, or a mobile phone or different machine. IMAP is strong and versatile, yet it's additionally advanced to establish; it's tougher to enforce than POP3 and extra error-prone for either patron and server.

The booklet of IMAP deals an in depth creation to IMAP and POP3, the 2 protocols that govern all glossy mail servers and consumers. You'll learn the way the protocols paintings in addition to how one can set up, configure, and preserve the 2 hottest open resource mail platforms, Courier and Cyrus.

Authors Peer Heinlein and Peer Hartleben have manage 1000s of mail servers and supply sensible tricks approximately troubleshooting blunders, migration, filesystem tuning, cluster setups, and password protection that can assist you extricate your self from every kind of difficult occasions. You'll additionally find out how to:

Create and use shared folders, digital domain names, and consumer quotas Authenticate person info with PAM, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and LDAP deal with heavy site visitors with load balancers and proxies Use integrated instruments for server research, upkeep, and maintenance enforce complementary webmail consumers like Squirrelmail and Horde/IMP arrange and use the Sieve e-mail filter

Thoroughly commented references to the POP and IMAP protocols around out the e-book, making The publication of IMAP a vital source for even the main skilled process administrators.

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2). Every user data set must contain a separate field specifying the IMAP server the user’s account is stored on. The IMAP proxy queries this data during login and then transfers the IMAP request transparently to the required IMAP server. As every user is directed to his or her “own” server, no shared file area is required. This means that no load distribution among different servers is needed if this solution is used. In very large environments, it may make sense to combine IMAP proxies and the load balancing technique: The proxy assigns connections to balancers on the basis of the user ID, and each balancer distributes its share of the connections to multiple IMAP servers.

13 Line breaks have been inserted in the single-line commands to make them easier to read. 10. 10. 13 You can also use the ÔØ Ð × targets Ä Æ and ÄÍËÌ ÊÁÈ to implement complex setups that exceed the scope of this book. For more information, see Ñ Ò ´ µ ÔØ Ð ×. However, ÔØ Ð × is not able to divert queries that a failed host or service receives in this manner; in the worst case, the client will receive a timeout or “Connection Refused” message. Even if this option is unsuitable for high availability requirements, it can be recommended as a simple, robust, and functioning initial solution.

Unfortunately, the authors did not have the chance to adapt the behavior of the benchmark tool. 2 now set the option Ö Ò Ü automatically for Ext3 partitions. Depending on the distribution and version you use, you may be able to skip the following instructions on activating Ö Ò Ü. ext3 -O dir_index /dev/sda5 If you wish to activate this feature on a partition that is already being used, Ö Ò Ü for directories that already use ØÙÒ ¾ ×. In order to activate exist, run × once on the disk (which may not yet be mounted).

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