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The Halden-Project is often cited as one of the best examples of a long-lasting JP. Approximately 100 organisations from seventeen countries participate in this Project. Back in the 1960-70s, the object of international collaboration was primarily to find answers to those many questions which emerged during the development of this completely new technology. Information exchange and temporary exchange of personnel, accelerated by the new means of communication and transportation, enabled a rate of development to be achieved that had never been experienced before.

One year before, an international peer review group endorsed a main recommendation of the so-called AMPERE Commission: “to keep the nuclear option open by maintaining the scientific and technological potential needed to ensure optimal conditions for safety and performance, by preserving the national know-how on nuclear energy and by participating in mostly private-sector R&D on future reactor types”. At state level, the legal and regulatory rules were fixed in laws voted in 1955 and 1963. In 2001, the Federal Agency on Nuclear Control became operational and a European directive on qualification for radiation expert was implemented as Belgian law.

Borrowing ideas from other countries could well be the route to both complementing and maximising the effectiveness of domestic activity. Countries should widen their knowledge base through national and international initiatives. There is a limit to the number and diversity of initiatives that countries can undertake on their own. While specific skills and competences might be under threat in one country, they may be far more secure in another. To retain all the necessary nuclear skills and competences of which the industry has need will require a greater degree of international collaboration than has occurred before.

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