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By John Tabak

This research describes the know-how and scale of the infrastructure that has developed to supply, shipping, and devour typical gasoline. It emphasizes the company of ordinary fuel construction and the power futures markets that experience advanced as autos for either hypothesis and danger administration.

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6 million cubic meters) of CO2 each day. The huge volumes of carbon dioxide produced by the plant reflect the fact that it is turning lignite, a material with a high carbon-to-hydrogen ratio, into a fuel with a much lower carbon-to-hydrogen ratio. The excess carbon shows up as CO2, which, initially, was just vented into the atmosphere. Today, however, a 205-mile (330-km) CO2 pipeline stretches from the Great Plains Synfuel Plant to oil fields in Saskatchewan, Canada, where it is injected into the oil fields to increase field pressure and improve oil recovery rates.

But the most striking aspect of 19th-century attempts to use natural gas was the willingness to deliberately waste it. Because they believed that the supply was limitless, people of the time saw little need to use the resource economically. The exploitation of the Trenton Field, which covered approximately 5,000 square miles (13,000 sq. km) of Indiana, illustrates this attitude. Discovered in the 1870s, what came to be known as the Trenton Field was initially ignored by drillers in search of oil.

9 trillion cubic feet (190 billion cubic meters) per year, a situation that has placed further strain on the nation’s increasingly tight natural gas supplies. 2 The Nature of Natural Gas T he term natural gas is applied both to the gas delivered to homes by pipeline and the gas found beneath the surface of the Earth from which the home heating fuel was derived, but chemically the two gases may be quite different. The natural gas at the wellhead is, as a general rule, processed before it is sold.

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