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By Robert Asprin, Jody Lynn Nye

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Myth-Told Tales

It's a nightmare whilst grasp magician Skeeve and Aahz the Pervect fall into Dreamland...
Massha will get married with anything outdated, whatever new, whatever borrowed, and anything blew...up.
Bunny turns to Skeeve for aid while an inter-dimensional attractiveness contest turns grotesque.
Reality indicates have been by no means rather like this. Eligible bachelors vie to win Princess Gloriannamarjolie's hand-if no longer her heart...
Join Skeeve, Aahz, Massha, Tananda, Bunny, Gleep, the Fairy Godfather, and random myth-ical creatures in 8 tales that span the manic delusion universe. Robert Asprin and Jody Lynn Nye have compiled their favourite tales-and concocted a few new ones-for this hilarious choice of myth-adventures...

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Inc. he and I, proven col-laborators, should put out a few new books. Because this series is Bob's special baby we decided to take a few test runs. The fi-nal three short stories in this collection were the result. H. Inc. and lead up to the action in our first novel, Myth Alliances. The oth-ers are just for fun. We hope you enjoy them. —Jody Lynn Nye The "Discreet Blackout" It was interesting to read Jody's introduction. (Writer's tip: If you're doing one section of a two-part introduction, always let your partner go first.

A happy “gleep” echoed out of the earthen-ware. I looked around for the wineskin. Still more than half full, I was pleased to note, as I poured myself a glass. So I hadn't unconsciously drunk more than I should have. My habits were getting better. I wished Aahz was there to see. A loud POP ! sounded in the center of the room. I jumped to my feet and drew my belt knife. Travel between dimensions was accomplished using incantations, spells or D-hoppers, magikal devices one dialed to reach the right destination.

Draggins and wivverns and yuni-corns and creaky floors and stuff! ” “No,” I -said. Out of the corner of my eye I could see my pet dragon Gleep charging for the door. He loved to answer the door. I put a foot into his chest to keep him from sticking his nose around the edge. “ Now Buttercup wanted to know what was going on, and you can't deter a war unicorn as easily as you can a baby dragon who'd impressed upon you. ”Nope. “ I could see them starting to become afraid now. I smiled wistfully. They started to back away nervously.

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