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By A. Russell Jones

ASP.NET is Microsoft's new expertise for constructing advanced, interactive net functions. This complete advisor takes C# programmers via the entire steps of constructing internet functions that leverage the complete strength of the .NET applied sciences. It comprises in-depth insurance of server-side programming with ASP.NET internet varieties and gaining access to facts with ADO.NET. It devotes distinctive consciousness to XML integration and the construction of net companies, together with utilizing the cleaning soap toolkit. The e-book additionally explores ASP.NET configuration and caching, in addition to a number of file-handling and debugging innovations. The spouse CD-ROM comprises all of the pattern code and purposes from the booklet.

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A value of 0 means no border. HSPACE An integer value that determines the spacing between the left and right edges of the image and any surrounding items. ISMAP This attribute has no value. It may be present, in which case the image is treated as a server-side image map. An image map is one or more images that function like anchor tags— they hyperlink to an anchor tag in the current document, another document, or another URL. Server-side image maps are rarely used with modern browsers. When the user clicks an image defined as a server-side image map, the browser sends the mouse coordinates of the click event to the server.

There are several of these commands, one for each non-alphanumeric character. You can use them to insert characters that the browser won't normally print, such as the left angle bracket (<) and right angle bracket (>), which stand for less than and greater than, respectively. The non-breaking space forces the browser to render the paragraph. Browsers ignore empty paragraph tags because they contain no content. A normal space won't work because it's white space, which browsers also ignore except where the white space functions as a separator— and then the browser collapses it into a single space character.

You can use color names such as "red" or "blue," and most modern browsers will display the text in the intended color. Both IE and Netscape understand color names (although they understand different sets of color names). I'll show you a browser-independent way to specify colors in the upcoming section "Fonts and Colors," later in this chapter. You can change the font using the tag. Note that the command that changes the font is the face attribute. Most people misuse the word "font" when they actually mean font face.

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