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And she planned to make it a step away from the concept of her successful debut album. Despite its overwhelming success, Mariah was not completely satisfied with her first album. Lyrically and musically, she felt Morioh Corey was her best effort at that moment in time, but she continued to chaff at what she considered the overly extravagant arrangements and orchestration which she felt often blunted the emotional intent of the songs. She felt the blame was hers. She had been too much of a babe in the woods to put her foot down on certain creative issues during the making of Mariah Carey, but she vowed that would not be the case next time.

Steve Park got to know Mariah in high school through his girlfriend. " He remembered that they would often get together and just drive around and hang out. But he also recalled that when they would swing by Marian's house, they would often run up against her mother. "Her mom was real strict," said Steve. "There would be times when we would try and get Mariah to go out with us, but she couldn't because her mother would always insist that her singing lessons came first. " By the age of fourteen, Mariah Carey had begun living her dream.

Adding fuel to the fire was the gossip that Mariah was involved romantically with somebody who she refused to name. Mariah was taken aback by her first brush with rumor and sensationalism. When questions of a personal nature were asked in early press interviews, she simply refused to answer them, but not knowing how to play the media game, she would hint at a relationship, stating that she did have a boyfriend but would not go into any further details. The reality was that by the time Mariah had completed her first album, she and Tommy were very much in love.

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