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By Maisie Jarratt

Booklet through Jarratt, Maisie

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How should pieces be arranged? I like to start by choosing a focal point, which can be a photograph, an original drawing, a single word or sentence, or a graphic element. It should be something that draws the eye. A well-stocked supply of ephemera isn’t essential—magazines, phone books, newspapers, junk mail, fabric scraps, food packaging, office supplies, and old letters found around the house can be used for collage. Gather more than you think you’ll need. I prefer using pre-gessoed flat canvases for covers.

At the next row, go under the first warp thread and then continue the over-under pattern. When weaving into a new row, pull the weft thread at a slight diagonal (See C). When the weft thread is woven all the way through, pack the threads tightly with the beater (See D). Make sure the yarn is not wound around the first warp thread too tightly, or it will pull the fabric in, making the edges uneven. A B Wind the warp threads all the way around the loom. Weave in an under-one, over-one pattern. C D Weave with the shuttle at a diagonal so the threads are not too tight.

Grab one end of the wire with the tip of the round-nose pliers and bend the wire into itself, forming a loop (See D). Grab the other end of the wire and do the same, but with the loop facing the opposite direction, forming an S shape. 9 cm). Place the wire piece on a bench block and flatten with the flat end of the ball-peen hammer (See E). Repeat for the other seven wire pieces. Connect the scrolls with the 8-mm jump rings, making sure the scrolls are facing opposite directions. Bend the wire over the pliers for the loop.

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