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By Bill Reiss, Dave Campbell

Silverlight three is a easy software from Microsoft that permits builders to simply upload lifestyles to net purposes with dynamic consumer positive aspects, colourful transitions, and crowd pleasing animations.

We imagine it may be simply as a lot enjoyable to benefit Silverlight because it is to take advantage of it. And we all know that enjoyable studying will get greater effects. hi! Silverlight three is a fast paced, pleasing advent to Silverlight. during this ebook, person pleasant caricature characters supply remark and snide part reviews, because the ebook strikes quick from hi global into sensible recommendations. each is illustrated with a hands-on instance. alongside the way in which, readers will learn how to construct an easy Silverlight-based video game entire with sound effects.

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Manning Publications Co. forumID=443 Licensed to Wow! com> 51 3 Data Services in Silverlight 4 Chapter 2 provided a good foundation for Controls and layout on the Silverlight page. No matter how good an application looks or how smoothly it operates, the functionality and usefulness of the application always depends upon display of information to the user and acceptance of input from the user. This chapter is going to concentrate on both of those topics. The information passed back and forth from the user to the application is the data associated with the application.

Com> 63 One noticeable difference between Thermostat and MachineInfo is the inheritance from INotifyPropertyChanged. That difference is what provides the updates to the bound variables. The setters for the members are different for the same reason, and contain method calls to Update methods of the class. UpdateTempProperty, for instance, calls PropertyChanged and passes the Temperature property as a PropertyChangedEventArgs variable. PropertyChanged is defined just inside the class as being of type PropertyChangedEventHandler.

Com> of 41 Attached properties or dependency properties? You’ll see attached properties also referred to as dependency properties. Which is correct? Well they both are, attached properties are a type of dependency property so all attached properties are also dependency properties but not the other way around. ColumnSpan Now that you have some idea about how the Grid panel and attached properties work, let’s take a look at our next layout panel, the StackPanel. Stacking the deck Stack panels are simple but powerful.

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