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However, OLED manufacturers are confident that they can bring the power consumption down and argue that OLEDs offer other advantages in brightness, are more vibrant and are significantly cheaper than LCDs. Monitors The development of colour LCD displays caused an explosion in the sales of laptop computers in the 1990’s. Although early versions of low cost laptop computers used DSTN passive matrix displays, they were soon replaced by active matrix TFT and the penetration of TFT in this application segment is almost 100%.

Today, critical issues in the processing of TFT arrays include the development of a low-resistance gate-bus line, uniform and fine etching, and improved lithographic accuracy. AMLCD manufacturers are also competing to minimise the number of array processes by reducing the number of photomasks and simplifying the thin-film formation and etching processes. Colour filter application The colour filter process on the front glass panel is a very important step. It is also an expensive process because of high materials cost and low yield.

The panels are pressed together and heated in order to cure the seals and create a stable panel structure. Then the large panels are scribed and broken to the final display dimensions. The edges are ground and the displays are filled with liquid crystal material. Finally, the opening in the seal is closed. Polarisers are applied to both sides, followed by the mounting of electronics and packaging. Usually, fully automated in-line production equipment is used for the LCD manufacturing steps. Besides the fully integrated production lines, single machines are also used or integrated into smaller production clusters.

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