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By David Layzer

Balance exists in any respect degrees: atomic, astronomical, and in residing structures, either microscopically and macroscopically. seeing that he has been in a position to wondering the area round him, man's interest has been aroused by way of the evolution of order from primordial chaos. during this journey of contemporary technology, eminent astrophysicist David Layzer constructs a unified and harmonious technological know-how global view and probes the philosophical implications of present advancements in quantum physics, thermodynamics, cosmology and biology.

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S//. s; t / could for example be interpreted as s causes t , s is a reason for t , or just as the identity relation. Different readings of the abduction relation give rise to different sorts of abductive inference. In the present case, all of them are limited to being based on a point-wise comparison of states. Both for the ordering and for the abduction relation it might be fruitful to explore the possibilities of relaxing this requirement and consider set-wise comparisons. Primitive as it may be, this form of abduction should convey the general idea.

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