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By Jean-Pierre Bégué

  • offers an intensive evaluate of the function of fluorine in pharmaceutical technology and improvement
  • contains chapters on fluorinated analogues of ordinary items, fluorinated amino acids and peptides, and derivatives of sugars
  • Classifies advertised and in-development fluorinated prescription drugs in keeping with their healing sessions
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    119 The isolation of the silylacetal ketene is required when the reaction is catalyzed by a chiral Lewis acid. However, due to its instability, isolation yields of the compounds are very low. 120 This latter compound is more stable than the corresponding silyl ketene acetal. , aldehydes, imines, activated halides) in the presence of fluoride ions. 28 Preparation and reaction of trimethylsilyldifluoroacetate. Remarks: Preparation of difluorophosphonates. The preparation of difluorophosphonates is detailed in Chapter 7 (enzyme inhibitors).

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