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By Maureen Doyle McQuerry

Together with his love of studying and the sport of Scrabble, Timothy James seems like the one one who is familiar with him is his older sister, Sarah, and he’s particularly definite not anything fascinating will ever occur to him.

But one evening, whereas his mom and dad and sister are away, the door opens, and legendary creatures seem in his personal dwelling room!

Soon, a secret of unheard of proportions starts off to spread, revealing an age-old conflict of sunshine opposed to darkish, and Timothy needs to embark on a quest to avoid the darkish from controlling the long run and altering the past.

But he can’t whole the search on my own. Timothy has to group up along with his sister and the varsity bully, Jessica, to stand an old evil, and within the procedure, this not going trio notice they're every one greater than meets the attention.

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