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Download Beaded Chain Mail Jewelry: Timeless Techniques with a Twist by Dylon Whyte PDF

By Dylon Whyte

Chain mail is among the preferred jewellery traits available in the market upload beads and the fashion absolutely sizzles. Who may perhaps face up to? Bestselling writer and chain mail specialist Dylon Whyte provides his time-tested, time-saving options with greater than 30 breathtaking initiatives, starting from very simple to challenging.
A thorough advent, illustrated with computer-generated photos, covers the fundamentals of chain mail strategies. Then Whyte finds his patented, perfected beading technique: instead of utilizing tricky wire-wrapping, he threads the beads at once onto the earrings prior to they’re shaped into chain mail.
The interesting selection of 30 tasks encompasses a soft Persian patterned anklet, adorned with tiny silver bells an amethyst opera-length necklace and silver jewelry formed like inverted peacock feathers, edged with jewelry and turquoise beads.

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