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By Chris Ryan

You get up in a gloomy room without inspiration the place you're. you're gagged and compelled right into a ready truck. you have got performed not anything improper. What might you do?

Fourteen-year-old Ben travels to Pakistan on a faculty trade programme. Ben and his Pakistani host, Aaarya, locate themselves within the flawed position on the flawed time. They see whatever they don't seem to be presupposed to and are abducted via a few unusual males. stuck up in a terrifying deliberate terrorist assault which could break Southern Afghanistan, killing millions, Ben and Aarya are dragged during the such a lot terrifying battleground on the earth.

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She met a man, very religious. We are all practising Muslims, but some people would like things to be as they were hundreds of years ago. He was one of those people. They married. This was when I was still very small, but I remember her well. ’ Aarya smiled. ‘She used to bring me sweets and play games with me whenever I wanted. But she did not stay in the village. In Afghanistan, the Taliban were in power. My aunt’s new husband insisted that they move there. To Kabul, the capital. ’ Ben was listening carefully.

As if checking that there was no one out on the streets to see them. Ben and Aarya ducked back out of sight. Ben sensed that his new friend was trembling. He wanted to whisper to her that it was going to be all right, but he didn’t want to make a sound so they crouched in silence behind the beaten-up truck. Ten seconds passed. Twenty seconds. And then, quite clearly, Ben heard footsteps. The armed man was still walking their way. He was now very close. Ben’s muscles tensed. The footsteps grew louder.

Miss Messenger and the other teachers – Mr Sawyer and Mr Knight – started organizing everyone, bellowing instructions about where the boys should go and where everyone should sit. Ed’s voice rose above the hubbub – he didn’t want to sit by a teacher – but most people seemed to ignore him. Miss Messenger approached Ben and Bel, a kind, concerned look on her face. ’ she said. ’ ‘All right,’ Ben said, quiet but secretly grateful. Miss Messenger obviously knew how worried he was about his mum. The seats were scorching hot.

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