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My son had to do a file on international warming and pollution. I picked this booklet up due to its contemporary book date. The publication is especially good performed. the knowledge in it truly is updated and offers many real-world examples. As a scholar, it engages my son's curiosity and he even learn extra of the booklet than he needed to for the needs of his record! As a mother or father, i used to be subjected to many days of "Hey mother, did you know....." It was once cool. i admire any technology books which can interact childrens. This one could.

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These rivers of air can travel faster than 100 knots (115 mph, 185 km/hr) and are thousands of miles (km) long, a few hundred miles (km) wide, and only a few miles (km) thick. Jet streams are found at the transition between the troposphere and the stratosphere at heights ranging from 6 to 9 miles (10 to 15 km) above the Earth’s surface. Jet streams form when there are great temperature differences between two adjacent air masses. Each hemisphere has two major jet streams: the subtropical jet stream, between the equatorial and midlatitude circulation cells, and the polar jet stream, between the midlatitude and polar circulation cells.

Clouds filter out incoming solar radiation and absorb warmth that is reradiated up from the ground. Cloudy days Cloud Names Cloud name Latin meaning Cloud form Stratus Layer Sheetlike Cumulus Heap Puffy Cirrus Curl of hair Wispy Nimbus Violent rain Rain cloud What Makes the Weather? The various cloud types are depicted above. have a more moderate temperature range—the difference between daily high and low temperature—than cloudless days. Almost all clouds are found in the troposphere. They are classified by their appearance into 4 main groups, as shown in the table on page 48.

Temperatures are especially moderate if the prevailing winds come off the sea. For example, San Francisco, California, enjoys cool summers and warm winters because the prevailing winds, called the westerlies, move in from the Pacific Ocean. Although Virginia Beach, Virginia, is at the same latitude on the Atlantic Coast, its climate is much less influenced by the ocean because, in this region, the westerlies come from over the continent. Virginia 37 38 Atmosphere Types of Heat Heat is absorbed or released when a substance changes from one state of matter (solid, liquid, or gas) to another state of matter.

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