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By Ronald W. Fry

The bestselling writer of "101 nice solutions to the hardest Interview Questions" takes employers step by step throughout the hiring strategy.

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And although interviews with Telephone Screeners or Managers may be rushed to accommodate hectic schedules, Human Screens are generally in a position to spend a comparatively long amount of time with a particularly qualified candidate. That means they're often likelier to find a larger number of potentially strong matches than members of the other two groups. The "Cons" of This Style These interviewers often do not have direct knowledge of the day-to-day requirements of the job to be filled. They have formal summaries, of course, but they often don't possess the same first-hand familiarity with the skills, temperament, and outlook necessary for success on the job.

Page 25 Make no justifications. Buzz the resumes and instantly reject those that do not meet your basic standards. As you conduct this initial screening maneuver, you'll be able to remove from consideration a large chunk of the resumes on your desktypically between 50 and 80 percent of them. You'll also find that something very interesting takes place. Of the resumes that remain, some will make a much more positive impression on you than others. There are two likely reasons for this. First, the applicant may have taken the time and trouble to compose the resume and cover letter specifically to fit the opening you've advertised.

M. on a Saturday night, you're going to have a problem. You're not looking for an employee. You're looking for a kindred spirit. You may have to wait awhile before you find one. And, when you do, you may well have to give up a piece of your company to compensate him or her for the outsized dedication you expect. " Then the poor new hire comes to realize that 85 percent of the day consists of tasks that fall into that "other duties" category. Save yourselfand your employeessome aggravation. Make sure the "miscellaneous" category in the job description does not camouflage something an otherwise qualified person would reasonably resent doingor feel frustrated enough about to consider parting company.

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