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By Bruno Robert (Eds.)

Artificial Photosynthesis, the most recent variation in the Advances in Botanical Research sequence, which publishes in-depth and updated experiences on a variety of themes within the plant sciences gains numerous stories by means of famous specialists on all elements of plant genetics, biochemistry, telephone biology, molecular biology, body structure, and ecology.

  • Publishes in-depth and up to date experiences on quite a lot of issues in plant sciences
  • Presents the most recent info on man made photosynthesis
  • Features quite a lot of stories by means of famous specialists on all facets of plant genetics, biochemistry, phone biology, molecular biology, body structure, and ecology

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The nanoparticles are coated onto a conductive, transparent glass substrate and sensitized with a ruthenium tris-bipyridyletype metal complex. This complex in turn is linked to nanoparticulate iridium oxide, which functions as a water oxidation catalyst. The second electrode, which is linked to the photoanode via a wire, is metallic platinum. Excitation of the ruthenium complex with light is Figure 16 Complete photoelectrochemical cell for solar splitting of water to hydrogen and oxygen. An Illustrative History of Artificial Photosynthesis 35 followed by electron injection into the nanoparticulate TiO2 electrode, from which electrons move into the wire and migrate to the Pt cathode, where they reduce hydrogen ions to hydrogen gas.

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