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By Stephen M. Tomecek

The act of speaking isn't just a human trait. From bugs and birds to fish and mammals, such a lot animals use a few kind of conversation to aid them get nutrients, discover a mate, and defend their territory. "Animal communique" explores the various other ways during which animals converse and examines a few of the most modern clinical discoveries concerning animal intelligence and verbal exchange. Readers also will find out how scientists are operating to make the dream of speaking at once with animals a truth.

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When a male firefly wants to attract a mate, he will begin flashing his light until he receives a light signal from an interested female. There are more than 1,000 species of fireflies. Each species has its own mating signal, with a unique pattern of flashes. When a female recognizes the pattern for her particular species, she will respond with a similar pattern. The male will then fly to the female and the two will mate. 30 AnimAl communicAtion A firefly flashes light signals to let females know he’s ready to mate.

Scientists have found pheromones that cause insects to mate, mark a territory, send communication using chemicals 3 out an alarm, call for an attack, keep working, and lead the way to food. A great example of how a pheromone works happens with the common silk moth. When she is ready to mate, the female will release a pheromone called bombykol into the air from a man mimiCS motH for humans, understanding insect pheromones can solve problems. scientists can use insect pheromones to trick and trap some annoying pests.

In the ocean, the temperature and salinity of water will affect how a sound wave travels. At a depth of about 3,000 feet (925 m), there is a layer of water that scientists call the SOFAR channel. This stands for SOund Fixing And communication using sound 51 Ranging. This layer acts like a tube that carries low-frequency sounds through the ocean for hundreds, and even thousands, of miles. Both blue whales and finback whales use this SOFAR channel to their advantage. In the air, temperature and weather conditions influence how far a sound wave will travel.

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