Download Angus and Sadie (Davis Farm, Book 1) by Cynthia Voigt PDF

By Cynthia Voigt

Cynthia Voigt - Angus and Sadie
Davis Farm sequence, ebook 1
Illustrations via Tom Leigh

Angus is black and white and strong.

Sadie is reddish brown and white and small.

"They don't glance a lot alike," says Missus.

"They don't act a lot alike," says Mister.

Angus and Sadie are brother and sister. Angus is greater. he's an exceptional, courageous, and shrewdpermanent puppy -- and he likes that. Sadie isn't as fast to profit -- or to obey. whilst cats leap at her, she yelps and runs away. Angus thinks that suggests she's terrified of every thing. yet Sadie isn't so yes that's true.

Newbery Medalist Cynthia Voigt's tale of border collie pups starting to be up on a farm in Maine is for animal fans of every age, and for someone who's ever had -- or questioned what it'd be wish to have -- a brother or sister similar to themselves, yet very, very diverse.

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