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By Lynn M. Stone

Youngsters are proven colour pictures and narrative approximately those canines of their normal Alaskan atmosphere.

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As each participant calls to Teddy, the person he is leaving tells him to go to that person (“Go to Elizabeth,” for example). This adds new cues to Teddy’s repertoire and further directs his behavior. The person he is going to should be praising him as he moves in the right direction. As he is rewarded upon arrival, he is reinforced for listening to the cues. Through repetition, the cues become meaningful. Another game is the Out of Sight Recall. This is fun to play on a day when you can’t go outside.

She guided you where she wanted by applying something aversive: a pull. It wasn’t a severe punishment, merely a means of guidance. Next time you might be watching her a little better and listening for those specific words, just in case something else catches her eye. Your friend used a training tool: her hand on your arm, pulling. Had you been wearing a neck collar and leash, it would’ve been far more convenient for your friend. Dogs see the quick approach of a hand and/or body as a threatening gesture.

1. The dog will heel on your left side, so place the lure in your left hand. That will be the target hand. ) Hold the clicker in your right hand, with treats or toys in a pouch on your hip. A pouch will keep the treats easily accessible while keeping your hands free to target and click. 2. When Teddy comes to touch your target hand, click, praise, and reward. 3. Step forward two steps, starting out on your left leg (the leg closest to Teddy). When Teddy follows and touches the target, click, praise, and reward.

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