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The Trans-Alaska Pipeline controversy: technology, conservation, and the frontier

This quantity chronicles the evolution of conservationist hindrance over Alaska seeing that the United States got it. Coates studies the advancements that aroused trouble, investigates the adjustments within the nature and energy of the fear, and assesses the debates over those matters.

Stakeholders Matter: A New Paradigm for Strategy in Society (Business, Value Creation, and Society)

The dominant shareholder-value version has ended in mismanagement, industry failure and a lift to legislation, as spectacularly confirmed by way of the occasions surrounding the hot monetary challenge. Stakeholders subject demanding situations the fundamental assumptions of this version, particularly conventional financial perspectives at the concept of the enterprise and dominant theories of strategic administration, and develops a brand new knowing of worth construction clear of natural self-interest towards mutuality.

Valuing environmental and natural resources : the econometrics of non-market valuation

Non-market valuation has develop into a commonly permitted and largely practiced technique of measuring the industrial values of our environment and typical assets. during this e-book, the authors offer a consultant to the statistical and econometric practices that economists hire in estimating non-market values. The authors increase the econometric versions that underlie the elemental tools: contingent valuation, commute expense types, random software versions and hedonic versions.

Socioeconomic Effects of the National Flood Insurance Program

This short provides a benefit-cost research of the nationwide Flood coverage software (NFIP) in addition to an evaluate of its cumulative socioeconomic results. Created via Congress in 1968, the NFIP presents flood coverage safeguard to homeowners, in go back for neighborhood govt dedication to sound floodplain administration.

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In turn, this allows the vast majority to accumulate lifetime wealth, which acts to counteract the tendency toward a grossly unequal distribution of economic benefits. However, net differences still exist on account of differences in household composition and variations across countries in the size of the owner-occupied sector. Social costs of housing stress Housing stress impacts negatively on the formation of “social capital”. Social capital refers to the mutual trust and civic behaviors that facilitate communal engagement.

The debate over urban renewal (“brownfield” development) versus urban sprawl (“greenfield” development) is relevant, with research showing that land supply and demand matter. For instance, Miceli and Sirmans (2007) examine the link between the holdout problem and urban sprawl, and find that developers attempting land assembly often face a potential holdout problem that raises the cost of development. To minimize this extra cost, developers prefer land whose ownership is less dispersed. This creates a bias toward development at the urban fringe where average lot sizes are larger, resulting in urban sprawl, which may finally help keep housing costs down.

The more stringent the restrictions, the less the housing market is able to respond to increased demand and the more likely the house prices are to increase. And when residential land is very difficult to come by, housing becomes unaffordable. There is a body of empirical evidence to prove that placing restrictions on urban land supplies has led to serious house price escalation (Cox and Pavletich, 2009). For our purpose, it is important to note that at the low-income end of the market, space and location can clearly make for a significant mismatch problem.

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