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Download Advanced Gunsmithing by W.F. Vickery. With original illustrations by Oliver B. PDF

By W.F. Vickery. With original illustrations by Oliver B. Hamilton

W. Vickery's booklet is a vintage within the Gunsmith alternate. lengthy held because the bible in gunsmithing, it has when you consider that been change through many sleek texts. but, for the house machinist or simple gunsmith, it nonetheless teaches the necessities. Twenty chapters, all targeting a unique point of the trade.

Filled with lithographs, pictures and illustrations, this ebook is a small murals sitting on many a gunsmith's bookcase and paintings bench. difficult to discover and price the heritage it comprises.

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DOUBLE BOILER Used to heat paraffin, a 2-quart capacity model made of stainless steel or aluminum is recommended to allow for easier cleanup. Expect to pay about $30; available in most department or kitchen supply stores. You also can create an improvised double boiler by placing a small saucepan inside a larger one. Since wax is very difficult to remove completely from pans, consider using old pots and pans for candle making purposes THERMOMETER A candy or cooking thermometer with a range between 100 and 356 degrees F.

Simply put, shorter candles require a smaller container, and larger candles require a larger container. Because a sizable quantity of melted wax is needed to fill a normal container, dipped candles usually are made in large batches to avoid excessive waste. For the project illustrated here, about 4 pounds of wax was added to a metal pouring jug with a capacity of 1 gallon. This is enough to make a dozen 7-inch-tall tapers. Unlike the two other hot wax projects in the book, no stearin needs to be added to the paraffin used to make dipped candles.

74. Trim the excess wick to between 1/4 and '/2 inch. For best results, let the candle set for at least 24 hours before burning. 24 hours TIPS n addition to the nearly limitless combinations of colors, scents, and containers available to the candle maker, a few simple variations on each project can produce a wide range of effects. Most of these modifications require only basic skills. Two-tone layer candle This candle requires two separate batches of wax, each a different color. Pour the first batch into the container, filling it about halfway up.

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