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By Raymond B. Hames and William T. Vickers (Auth.)

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The Trans-Alaska Pipeline controversy: technology, conservation, and the frontier

This quantity chronicles the evolution of conservationist main issue over Alaska seeing that the USA got it. Coates studies the advancements that aroused difficulty, investigates the alterations within the nature and power of the fear, and assesses the debates over those matters.

Stakeholders Matter: A New Paradigm for Strategy in Society (Business, Value Creation, and Society)

The dominant shareholder-value version has ended in mismanagement, marketplace failure and a lift to legislation, as spectacularly established via the occasions surrounding the hot monetary difficulty. Stakeholders subject demanding situations the elemental assumptions of this version, specifically conventional financial perspectives at the conception of the enterprise and dominant theories of strategic administration, and develops a brand new realizing of worth construction clear of natural self-interest towards mutuality.

Valuing environmental and natural resources : the econometrics of non-market valuation

Non-market valuation has turn into a generally authorized and extensively practiced technique of measuring the commercial values of our environment and traditional assets. during this publication, the authors offer a consultant to the statistical and econometric practices that economists hire in estimating non-market values. The authors improve the econometric versions that underlie the fundamental tools: contingent valuation, go back and forth expense types, random application types and hedonic types.

Socioeconomic Effects of the National Flood Insurance Program

This short offers a benefit-cost research of the nationwide Flood assurance application (NFIP) in addition to an evaluate of its cumulative socioeconomic results. Created by way of Congress in 1968, the NFIP presents flood coverage safeguard to homeowners, in go back for neighborhood govt dedication to sound floodplain administration.

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On another dimension short-rooted varieties are distinguished from long ones. Women prefer short-rooted varieties, they say, because they are less work to harvest. If these prefer­ ences were acted on one would expect to find mainly short-rooted, white varieties in the gardens, but this is not the case. Rather, it is the variety of manioc types that is striking, in any garden. When I asked men why they planted such a diversity, I got similar replies. " This is a better answer than it appears at first, because the Machiguenga do enjoy diversity for its own sake.

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As the fire burns itself out in one part of the garden, they move to start it farther on, until the whole garden has had a chance to burn. About half of the gardens do not bum well, and individuals express their disappointment and anger when this happens. A poorly bumed garden is full of rubbish that must be mounted into piles for reburning, and all the weeds that have sprouted or regenerated since the clearing are now tough 2 MACHIGUENGA GARDENS 39 and well-entrenched and will require extra weeding.

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