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By American College of Emergency Physicians, Margaret Austin, Rudy Crawford, Vivien J. Armstrong, Gina M. Piazza

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Check that the vicitm has no abnormal sensations in her feet or toes. Compare the feet. Look at the skin color: gray-blue skin may indicate a circulatory disorder or an injury due to cold. Check that the casualty has no abnormal sensations in the arms or fingers. If the fingertips are pale or gray-blue there may be a problem with blood circulation. 48). 11 51 ASSESSING A CASUALTY MONITORING VITAL SIGNS When treating a casualty, you may need to assess and monitor his breathing, pulse, and level of response.

An apparently less serious fall can mask a more dangerous injury. A fall from a standing position in susceptible people, like the elderly, those suffering from bone disorders, or those who taking blood thinners, can result in serious head or other injuries. Most serious injury may be hidden A first aider should keep the casualty still, ask someone to support her head, and call 911 for emergency help. QUESTIONS TO ASK AT THE SCENE When you are attending a casualty, ask the casualty, or any witnesses, questions to try to find out the mechanism of the injury.

186–88). If possible, replace any wet clothing with dry clothing. Arrange to take or send the casualty to the 4 hospital, even if he seems to have recovered completely. If you are at all concerned, call 911 for emergency help. 36 WATER INCIDENTS | MAJOR INCIDENTS/MASS CASUALTIES MAJOR INCIDENT/MASS CASUALTIES A major incident, or mass casualty incident, is one that presents a serious threat to the safety of a community, or may cause so many casualties that it requires special arrangements from the emergency services.

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