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By Dakota Cassidy

He used to be simply trying to find an evening of fun.

After a wild work-sponsored Halloween get together, entomologist Sam McLean wakes up with a spotty memory—and a sharp set of fangs. Sam’s one-night stand wasn’t simply dressed as a vampire; she had the chew to check. one way or the other, Sam's subconscious physique finally ends up on the OOPS place of work, the place paranormal difficulty counselors Nina, Marty and Wanda supply him the down-low on unintentionally turning into a creature of the night.

What he acquired was once an eternity of trouble.

Dealing with a beginner like Sam isn't any effortless activity, yet issues get much more loopy whilst Phoebe Reynolds—a girl who claims to be Nina’s sister—storms into the workplace and explanations a catfight that ends whilst Phoebe is accidently bitten by way of Sam’s lately shaped fangs. Now, the OOPS women have fledgling vamps on their fingers, and their powers—and the charm construction among them—are not like whatever they’ve obvious before…

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19 Contrary to reason, but not contrary to sense. Others have seen it done as well. ‘When I appeared before Queen Victoria, at Balmoral, in 1878,’ wrote Professor Kellar, ‘I was asked if I could rival the feats of levitation which Her Majesty’s officers in Northern India had observed and described in their letters home. My reply was that with proper mechanical appliances I could produce an illusion of levitation and appear to overcome, as the jugglers did, the force of gravity, but that the actual feat of suspending the operation of that force was beyond my powers.

In his book, Rosicrucian Questions and Answers, Dr. Lewis tells us that the ‘heretic king’ of Egypt, Akhnaton, experienced an actual levitation on his deathbed. Profane history has nothing to say about Akhnaton’s demise, but Dr. ”’40 Occultists also call upon astral projection to explain the ‘flying dreams’ that many people have. In theory, our astral bodies get up and leave our physical bodies every evening while we are asleep, but because there is no continuity of consciousness between sleeping and waking in ordinary people, we are not aware of our experiences.

One of these was ‘Amen,’ the name of the sun-god of Thebes, which was chanted by Theban priests to evoke the god to visible appearance. ’6 Such are the boons to be acquired from mantras. Now this word—Amen—is used in Christian liturgy. Yet the sun-god does not appear. How so? Yogis say that it is because the word is not chanted properly. indd 46 7/26/15 11:45 AM it is now generally pronounced AHH-MEN. It is from the first syllable of the word that the word gains its occult power. AUM is recognized as a powerful mantra in the East as well as the West.

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