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By Peter Damerow

The writer of this ebook is affiliated with the heart for improvement and Socialization of the Max Planck Institute for Human improvement and Ed­ ucation in Berlin and heads its software on tradition and cognition which de­ votes its labors to the reconstruction of clinical options via background in a point of view of what should be referred to as "historical epistemology." he's additionally a member of a similar learn workforce within the newly based Max Planck Institute for the heritage of technology in Berlin. might be this double association throws a few gentle at the scope of Damerow's medical pursuits. In any occasion it's going to clarify why representatives of either those associations take part an attempt to introduce Peter Damerow's writings to an English talking audi­ ence. Damerow's scholarship levels throughout extensively various components together with philosophy and historical past of technological know-how, psychology, and schooling. between his fields of craftsmanship are the emergence of writing, early Babylonian mathe­ matics, the historical past of mathematics, the connection among natural and utilized arithmetic, the idea and strategies of arithmetic guideline, the tran­ sition from preclassical to classical mechanics, and the heritage and conception of relativity.

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The transition of the logic of being to the logic of essence is, however, not characterized by the addition of thought to intuition; being determines itself as essence. The process of determining changes itself by means of itself. " This, therefore, represents a theory of the transition to thought and its logical forms similar to Piaget's theory in which thought-based on the biological theory of development-is understood as the highest developmental stage of differentiating forms of self-regulation.

Accordingly, Hegel does not identify the immediacy with its sensori-material origin and mediation with sensori-material activity. For that reason there is no comparable formulation in his logic except in comments and explanatory passages. However, leaving aside this specific difference of the formulation I chose with regard to Hegel's argumentation, it still does not do justice to Hegel's concept ofreflection in another respect. With the pair of concepts undifferentiated versus differentiated applied to the sensory givens and mediating activity the process of development is captured only externally and the decisive moment of self-determination in the development of being into essence is omitted.

It goes without saying that this contradiction itself is reflected in consciousness. According to the Piagetian theory, too, the sensory given and mediating action must, in this sense, be understood as both differentiated and undifferentiated in consciousness at the developmental level of sensorimotor intelligence. External reflection on the thinking of the child can perceive them as differentiated and realize that, in this thinking, they are undifferentiated in terms of logical categories. Piaget describes this contradictory situation of consciousness as a situation of the repression of facts for logical reasons: "In the first place, the part of an action the subject retains in his conceptualization of it, or in other words what he centers on and overestimates, is what he was able to assimilate and to understand from the beginning ....

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