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By Stewart James

Mythical encyclopedia for magicians comprises over a hundred and fifty tips: Loop the Loop, Jamison's Severed Rope, The Tarbell Rope secret, The Encore Rope Trick, Eddie Clever’s Triple lower regimen, Bachelor's Needle and plenty of extra. step by step directions and over 500 illustrations enable you grasp those brilliant feats.

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The dead, more easily dissatisfied u'ith their state among some groups of gypsies than others, on occasion find reason to leave their graves in order to act maliciously against the living. It is the fear of this development which gives rise to numerous magical rites and beliefs. Among some gypsies, however, the depths of their convictions are not reached solely by such magical practices and concepts. Where there exists no common thread of religious belief among them, they do subscribe to alarge variety of the world's great religions as well as a number of smaller cultic practices such as penis worship, lire worship, goddess v'orship, animal sacrifice and moon worship.

Interpretation of the palm itself depends largely on readinc the lines of the palm and evaluating the relationship which the various lines have with each other and with the fingers. The use of tarot cards for the purpose of divination is also traditional as a gypsy custom. As the probable forerunner of our modern playing cards, the tarot has been considered by some to be the compendium of gypsy philosophy and religion, or in other instances the Bible of the occult beliefs. Though GYPSY DEMONS AND DIVINITIES such claims rnay seem to many to be rather excessive, it is irue that to the gorgio it rnight seem that the gypsies' long-tirne association with cards would reveal a more than average interest in, and commitment to them.

Was this an example of an unusually keen insight into the contemporary situation on the part of the gypsy or was some other force involved ? The story is told of a famous Hollywood starlet who rvas told by a gypsy that she would meet death by drowning. Taking the prediction seriously, she learned to swim expertly, became heavily insured, refused to accept invitations to swimming parties and would never swim alone. Little did she know that she would meet her death in her own horne by drowning in a bathtubl \X/as this an example of some kind of fatalistic"acceptance on the paft of the actress or was some extraordinary and mysterious power to see the future involved ?

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