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Download 10 Lessons About C++ You Need To Learn To Become A Master by Andrew Webb PDF

By Andrew Webb

10 useful classes to get you up and working in commercial energy C++ programming concepts. incorporates a unfastened obtain hyperlink permitting entry to code samples and visible Studio projects.

Lesson chapters include:

- Getting began with home windows Programming

- additional home windows Programming

- Getting begun with the develop C++ libraries

- utilizing graph algorithms to sensible community problems

- Writing your personal Soduku puzzle solver

- making a mathematical calculator

- employing a genetic set of rules to resolve complicated functions

- fixing the touring salesman challenge utilizing the 2-opt algorithm

- discovering all attainable paths for routing problems

- enhancing your courses by way of software of the normal Template Library (STL)

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IMediaControl provides the methods to run, pause or stop the media. lib”) void main() { IGraphBuilder *pGraph = NULL; IMediaControl *pControl = NULL; IMediaEvent *pEvent = NULL; // Initialize the COM library. HRESULT hr = CoInitialize( NULL ); if ( FAILED( hr ) ) { std::cout << “Could not initialize COM library” << std::endl; return; } // Create the filter graph manager and query for interfaces. This section describes how to create your own DLL and utilize its routines from an application created elsewhere.

Create a dialog application both programmatically and by using the MFC Application Wizard. Add controls to dialog applications. Create customized MFC controls, such as the CListCtrl (ordinarily read-only), so that its individual grid items become modifiable. Then add an edit control to specify the URL of the web site you wish to browse. Use the AppWizard to create a new dialog-based application called WebBrowser. This next example will now demonstrate how to use FTP to download a file from an FTP site.

Choose a name for the project, such as MyExecRefsDll, and enter it in the Name field. From the Application Settings page of the Win32 Application Wizard, under Additional options, deselect Precompiled header: Press Finish to create the project.

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