2015 San Francisco Zine Fest Tour

Here’s a few photos from our excursion up north to the 2015 San Francisco Zine Fest! We went up with a pair of mates and stayed across the bay in Oakland. We ended up spending the whole weekend up there, running around, eating burritos and bagels, buying a bunch of NorthFace crap, and rummaging around a 3-story pirate bar. Here’s some random photos from the trip! Enjoy!


Shots from our trip to San Simeon

Here’s a few photos of our trip to San Simeon. I just wanted to get the fuck out of town and keep it mellow with just us two. We’ve got a few dozen photos, but these are just a handful I picked. The rest we’ll probably use in zines and such. — Lowell


Adventures in the LBC

In May, my sister Lumi came for a visit all the way from Belgium and we had the best time! Living so far away from your family isn’t always easy but thank you internet for being there. Lately I’ve been taking lots of photos with my Fuji Instax cameras, so here’s a couple of shots. Miss you :]