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This is the collaborative space for Lowell Ong + Sara Todd. We do art, photography, direction, branding, advertising, interactive, and print materials. We publish zines, sometimes write short stories, and once in a blue moon, make videos.


FWC was a rouge’s gallery of creatives from around the world. First brought together in 2009 by Lowell Ong and Sara Todd, we initially existed as a blog, but eventually grew to include The Razor Sharp Crew, our very own Neufish Travel blog, and a short lived multi-media magazine called 441 Mag.

Based in the heart of Santa Ana, California and Antwerp, Belgium; we acted as a de facto art-sponsorship program for projects that would later garner us attention from the Royal Academy of Fashion in Antwerp, Space15Twenty in Los Angeles, and oddly a lot of people from (Berlin!??) Germany.

In the following years, we fashioned our site into a singular stream of visual “diarrhea” that was weaved together from 10 autonomous blogs that belonged to us and our friends. Purely visual, briskly narrative, and definitely personal, our site was a pastiche of William Burrough’s cut & paste method set against the backdrop of the interwebz. As so, we found ourselves exploring ideas of symbolism, semantics, cultural visual identities, and simply, how disparate ideas and experiences can create unusual meanings and metaphors.

For 2013, we’ve decided to reclocate to Long Beach, California and focus our efforts on our very first zine: Bruised. We continue to work on our projects, our clients, and the ideas that interest us the most.

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